It doesn't matter how your new baby arrives, these are the days you’ll want to document. I can capture the mood and amazing highs of those first few moments with photo and video, to help you hold onto these precious memories forever or share them with friends and family. These points in time pass entirely too quickly and all are worth remembering.

Quietly and efficiently, I use the same equipment to take both photos and videos to keep your birth space or home free of clutter. It is my goal to be unobtrusive, to chronicle your precious moments as they happen. I will remain as unseen and unheard, unless you say otherwise. 

Please know that your images are safe with me. I will only post your images on the website or social media with your permission. That said, it's my belief that birth should continue moving from the secretive, private realm to a place where we share these stories more openly, allowing families a greater awareness of their options, and empowering a more mother-centered birthing experience.